My Coldsore Story

Cure For Coldsores

I want to be perfectly clear before you get excited. There is no cure to the cold sore curse, however there are remedies to helping the healing process, and trust me this isn’t like all of those other blogs out there.

I have tested products, and after 10 years feel these are the most effective during a break out.

Sometimes you feel the cold sore coming, and sometimes you wake up to a cold sore. Either way, it sucks, and there is no way around it.

The most important thing during a break out is to keep clean. Wash your cold sore, and your face/lips near it separately. Stay away from anything scented, chemical filled facial scrubs, and bar soap.

I use Dr. Bronners. It is an all natural face and body soap, that cleans the infected area gently and effectively.

This soap is the most natural soap out there, plus the mint helps cool the cold sore which can ease the pain during a break out.

There are different stages of the cold sores, but keeping clean is the most essential part.

Right when the break out occurs, my first step is to pop all of the blisters. These blisters appear right away, however the cold sore is located underneath the lip as well as on top of it. In order to get to the entire cold sore you must pop these little blisters on top. I typically use a sterile safety pin. Once this is done, apply rubbing alcohol to the infected area. I typically use a qtip or cotton ball, and apply for 1-2 minutes.

Step three after applying the rubbing alcohol is to apply Crystal Star’s Herp Defense Gel.

This gel is full of the ingredients listed below in the Herp Defense Supplements, but I want to talk a little bit about this MAGICAL gel first.

One day I had a breakout like never before- well actually I have had this type of breakout when I was a kid, but in my adult life I have managed to reduce these to once- maybe twice per year, and they’re never as bad as they were growing up. I walked across the street to a little store in Uptown, Minneapolis called Tao Natural Foods, and that day my life changed FOREVER.

They introduced me to Crystal Star’s Products.

This gel is the solution to anyone that experiences LARGE breakouts. 10-50 little tiny coldsores that form into one MASSIVE cold sore that eventually turns into a swelled up blister. These are the death of me, and this gel brought me back to life.


I WILL SAY IT AGAIN. ONE DAY, and my swelling went down!

I have tried every product out there, and nothing helped the way this gel did. It creates a full thick layer which is combination of natural ingredients that helps KILL THE COLDSORE!

The main ingredient however, is Red Marine Algae. I have done a lot of research on this subject, and I have never come across anyone who has recommended this ingredient to help the healing process. This gel is also filled with Lysine, Licorice Root, and Echinacea which are all healing and immune boosting herbs.

Red Marine Algae is known for its antiviral properties and its a huge immune booster. When a breakout occurs the Herpes virus ATTACKS the immune system- so really anything to help boost your immune system is a great way to prevent breakouts and heal faster.

Crystal Star Herp Defense Supplements are key to a fast and full recovery.

After religiously applying the Crystal Star Herp Defense Gel, I pop about 3-4 of these a day.

These pills are filled with a mixture of Echinacea, Lysine, Licorice Root, Red Marine Algae, Yellow Dock, Astragalus Root, Orange Grape Root, and Sage Powder.

Most of these things all probably sound foreign to you, but they’re key ingredients to boosting your immune system and killing the cold sore.

In addition to these Crystal Star products I take a variety of Vitamins to help my body defend the virus so it doesn’t create new cold sores. I take 3000mg of Lysine , 2-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C , Vitamin D , Vitamin E Oil (for internal and topical use), and of course the Herp Defense pills.

When the cold sore starts to scab over that’s when I bring out the Hydrogen Peroxide. This will help clean your cold sore, and surprisingly helps eliminate the dark red color pretty quickly!

I then apply Tea Tree Oil, and once that dries I apply the Crystal Star Gel.

I repeat this daily until the cold sore is gone.

Feel free to drop a comment below if you decide to test out these products and tell me what your experience was!

They say it takes about 7-14 day to heal a cold sore, but let’s be real. That number is more towards the 2 week mark and nobody wants to hide in their house for that long.

This method will help heal the coldsore within a few days- in my last experience about a month and a half ago mine was gone within 6 days.